Monday, November 29, 2010

As a Crow Flies

I took my three smalls with me to run errands the other day. Todd really doesn't like being in the car for very long at all. On the way home, we had the following conversation.

Todd: "Mom, why do we have to take this road to get back to town."

Me: "Because it is the only direct road we have back to our town."

Todd: "Wouldn't it be faster if you found a shortcut that takes us straight to our house instead?"

Me: "If there was a road straight from here to our house it might be faster. The shortest distance between two points is always a straight line, but we can't drive in  a straight line from here to our house."

Todd: "You could if you would make the car drive the way a crow flies."

Me: "Maybe, but even if we drove straight through on a crow's path, we would have to drive up and down over the hills and mountains between here and the house and that would probably slow us down quite a bit."

Todd: "Not if you had crow gear installed in the car so we could fly over it instead of driving."

He makes a good point.What do you think the mechanic's reaction will be when I ask him to replace my 4-wheel drive with crow gear?

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