Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A wiggly bundle of cute

This little guy and his parents came over the other day for some picture taking. He is about four months old, and wiggly as anything! His face is actually in focus in this picture, but his left hand and foot came out blurry because he was so wiggly. I have others where he is in nice sharp detail, but I thought the smile on his face was cute, so I am sharing it instead... lol

He is a happy boy!

Little eyelashes, and such pretty eyes! He was cooing at his mom in this one... I love that sound.

By this point he wasn't feeling so happy anymore. He was much more interested in eating.

And here are his parents. She didn't realize I was taking her picture in this one. I added a glamour glow effect to play with this shot and soften it up a bit.
I may have to go back in and edit this one so Dad's hair isn't sticking up... lol.. the digital version of Mom licking her fingers to smoosh unruly hair into place.

Eight pictures down... a couple hundred more to sort and pick for editing! In a few weeks he is coming back for Santa suit pictures. I can't wait.

Happy Birthday, Jessica!

I am at my office right now, so it is a post without pictures. But it is the kick-off of birthday season around here again, even if we aren't going to see her today. Happy 18th birthday, Jessica!

Sarah, I do have a myspace. I can't link it right now... it is just

Thanks, Jessie, and to everyone who asked about and prayed for Chet... it means a lot. We are supposed to go back in for counts on Friday if the doctors get the orders in, and hopefully they will have come up a bit. He LOOKS better, and that is a good thing. We can tell usually by seeing how pale he is whether he is getting worse or not.

There are lots of things going on... football, soccer, cheerleading... I should have some pics up soon!

Is there anybody out there who would want to proofread my essays for me? I try to keep them free of typos and stupid errors, but you know how it goes - you look at them forever while typing them and you just don't see the goofs. I hate getting marked down for dumb stuff, I would much rather make honest-to-goodness mistakes... lol.

Talk to ya soon.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

My boys

Mom picked up these t-shirts for the boys last weekend, so I took some pictures of them today. There is a yellow cast on these shots I need to fix, but we still had fun with them. First we took some casually serious shots. (I bought this antique rocking bench at a consignment aution for $7 a couple of months ago, just knowing it would be perfect for outdoor shoots.)

Then we took some the way the boys wanted to take them.

Here are some headshots. Todd really does have "trouble" written all over his face... lol.

I have to quit playing with pictures and get an essay written now. I will be back with some other schtuff soon.

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

A few new photos

I have several more photos to get up here, but here are some from last week.

Chet's counts are still very low, and we were finally able to get the referral to get him down to Children's Hospital and get to talk to the hemotology doctor. We have to start taking him back for weekly counts again until he gets back up into a safe range. In the meantime, one of the things the doctor discussed was ways to keep the crud that gets on Jack at work away from Chet, especially since it loves to stick to carpet. So we tore out all the carpet downstairs, and installed ceramic tiles. I need to take some finished pictures, but here you can see the tiles as Jack is grouting them. It is hard to see, but I figured while the floors were torn up I should go ahead and add the brown colorwash I wanted on my walls. It has come together pretty well. I helped Jack with the tiles, and grouted the first half of the floor while he was still cutting the remaining tiles for the stairs. He says that using my wooden spoons to get the grout into the spaces isn't really the way it is normally done, but let me tell ya... it works pretty well when you aren't that comfy with the trowel!

Last week was County Fair week in our county. I love going to the fair. I snapped this one of Johanna in the harsh light, but it is still a great way to capture her inner princess.

This picture is out of order, but it is fair related too. Down below you will see Rachel in the parade as the Ice Cream Social (runner up, I think) Queen. The car belongs to Ed's parents, and Matt fell in love with it, so he jumped in and buckled up, and got to ride in it to go hang out with Braden that day. I think I might actually photoshop that truck out of there (ugh... time consuming), fix the glare on the windshield, and then actually frame this one for him.

Speaking of Matt.... on the day of the fair I got a call from the school telling me he had hurt his hand in football practice. They thought he had broken it, so we picked him up and took him to ER. Luckily, it was just bruised, and he was able to play the next day. The X-ray techs were laughing as I took photos of the scans showing up.

Here she is... Rachel making the rounds in the parade with her dad and Ed. I loved the parade this year. We actually knew a lot of the people in it, and that just makes it even more fun!

When we came out of the hospital, we discovered our tire had gone flat. While Jack changed it, I shot some misc shots of the kids playing in the gazebo in the hospitals' front yard. If I extract each kid from six different shots, and put them all together in one, I will get a shot of all of them smiling at the same time... lol.

Anyway... life is busy, with a lot going on, so my online time is limited. School is going well for me, although the algebra is a little bit of a struggle for me. I am getting through it, though, and even passing with B's, so something is clicking somewhere. In teh next few days, I will get some more photos ready and uploaded, including a nice one of my mom on her birthday. I wasn't here to post it, but Mom's birthday was Sunday... Happy Birthday, Mom! I love you and I miss you!

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