Monday, May 28, 2007

Some pictures

We had a really nice week! There was a whole lot going on, but I am just going to post a few pictures because I think I have figured out the video upload!

The kids had several awards assemblies this week, but Kyle's took us by big surprise! We got an invitation telling us Faith and Kyle would be receiving awards, but Kyle won 2! He was awarded Academic Achievement and Kid with Character of the Year!! Here is with his teacher.

Faith was also awarded the Academic Achievement award! We were so proud of both of them!
This is sort of blurry and dark, but Todd looked so cute as he watched the kids getting their awards.
And just a few more Ozark nature shots... this moth is HUGE! The board he is sitting on is 6 inches wide, and he is sideways to fit on it! I know those markings are made to look like eyes to scare away predators, but they would even scare me if I saw them looking at me unexpectedly... lol
Tipsy had four kittens the other night... two matching sets! They are getting so big plump already. Scarfy also had her kittens last night, but I don't have any photos yet.
I do love the ponies. There has been at least one pony a week born across the street from us. These little painted ponies are my favorite, and right now there are two of them frolicking in the pasture. I love sitting on the front porch and watching them!
This was almost an accidental shot... I was looking at the mama horse and framing her, and when I saw the shot I saw her baby asleep in front of her, and the pony's dad in the corral behind her. Family photo!

I am off to load the videos now! talk at ya soon!

Thursday, May 24, 2007

I love this band!!

I have been eagerly waiting for Bon Jovi's new CD to be released. I love the first song, Wanna Make a Memory, and can't wait to hear the rest. You can watch the video here if you would like to.

We have been running all week... awards ceremonies, assemblies, musical performances, parties, games, and more. I have photos to get uploaded tomorrow, and if I can finally figure it out, I will have some videos to share too showing you Kyle's big awards night!

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

The Luck of the Irish

Todd is a leprechaun at heart. There is nothing that makes him happier right now than to put on one of my Celtic CD's, and then with his hands carefully grasping his waist, he will leap and jump around the front room to show me how well he has mastered his "leprechaun dancing."

Last Saturday I took Todd to see the Irish Dancers at the Crawdad Festival. He was so excited, and kept talking about all the different things he could teach the dancers to do. The conversation turned to nicknames, and I told him that mine is Lucky, just like the Lucky Charms leprechaun. Todd thought about it and said, "That is going to be my name from now on, too." "Why?" I asked him, "Do you have the luck of the Irish?"

He looked at me sternly, and with the deepest of convictions he replied, "No, I AM the luck of the Irish." (May 18, 2007)

Inspired Me

I have to wait until my copy of the new Photoshop shows up before I can do anymore work on my digi stuff, so I took last night after everyone went to sleep and did something I have wanted to do for a while. I started a blog for things that inspire me, touch me, or mean something to me somehow. I have been collecting poems, songs, essays, etc for years, so I am working to get those up there and add new things as they come along. Now I have to go back through this blog and gather up the quotes and things I have posted here and copy them over there so it is all in one spot.

My Inspired World

Feel free to stop by if you would like to!

Sunday, May 20, 2007

weekend fun

I wanted to show you this moth that was hanging out on our bug zapper the other day. I wish I had had something next to him to show how big it is. At first I thought a leaf had gotten stuck up there, but leaves don't have antennas... lol. This guy was huge... about 7 inches long from face to the end of his tail or feet or whatever it is that looks like a stem.

The high school had its awards ceremony the other night, and Jessica received two awards; one for academic excellence in government and one for being on the A honor roll all year. We are so proud of her!

Kyle's baseball team is still undefeated and well on their way to winning the whole season. They took team pictures yesterday, and this is just what I caught from the side. Kyle has improved phenomonally since he first started! He is hitting the ball almost everytime he is up to bat, and hitting it really well! Faith had her first game this week as well, and they also won their game. The schedule is a little crazy, but I do love seeing all my athletes in action!

Yesterday we took the kids to the Crawdad Days Festival. The festival itself isn't that big and doesn't have tons to offer, but we still had so much fun. It was just really nice to spend the day out with the kids.

These aren't my crawdads... a lady behind me in line had this plate of them, and I asked if I could take a picture of her food... lol. She offered me one, but I politely refused... I jsut can't put them in my mouth... lol.
This was actually taken right before we headed home to get Kyle to his game on time. By then everyone was some shade of pink from the sun, but we were still in pretty good spirits!
I just really liked these two shots of Matt and Jessica. I liked them better in black and white, though. It is really hard to get pictures of Matt with nice expressions on his face, so I am printing this one to frame.

There were 264 pictures from the carnival rides on my camera... I thought I would just share some of them... :0) Kyle, Matt, and Chet had fun climbing the rock wall, and then Matt tried his hand at climbing the rope. It was a lot harder than any of them expected! The rest of the pictures are from the rest of the rides.

The younger kids have an awards ceremony this week, plus there are games and other events happening, so I will be back on sooner with new updates. I finally have my new computer set up to make it easier to upload photos and get them posted, so my updates should be more regular now! I have some new digi stuff coming, too... so stay tuned! :0)

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!

I hope all of you are having a wonderful Mother's Day! Mine has been very, very nice. I am just spending the day with Jack and the kids, and we are in the process of cooking dinner right now. Here are some snapshots we took earlier, trying to get at least one of me with each of the kids, and some with Jack.

Mom.... I love you and I miss you. I wish we could be together today. ((hugs))

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Breathe in, breathe out

It has been a long, long week. One of those weeks where nothing quite seems to go exactly right. I just want to say that I am so glad it is over!!

However, there were some positives. Todd had fun playing at the baseball fields, and kept asking me to take his pictures.

You are probably tired of seeing my sunset shots, but I just loved the pretty colors in this one. I caught this one at the ballfields the other night. We pretty much live there now. Kyle and his team are on a major winning streak... six games into the season and they haven't lost a single game! I have a video clip I am going to put up as soon as I figure out how!

Faith and the rest of the 3rd graders had a musical performance on Sunday, so we went to watch her. She was so excited about the whole thing! All of the third graders wrote books this year, and the books were all on display on the tables. As soon as she gets to bring hers home I will scan it in and share it with you. She dedicated her book to her dad, so I made sure to get a shot of them together with it.
She also spent some time reading the book to Beth, who was thrilled to see she was a part of the story.
Here she is with some of her classmates singing her songs. The kid just loves being onstage!

I don't know about all of you, but the big topic of discussion around here the last few months for the boys has been the anticipated release of Spiderman 3. There was no way Todd would be able to stand waiting to see it on DVD, and Matt was pretty antsy to see it too, so the two of them went with Tony and Jessica to see it. Todd wore his Spidey shirt, his Spidey mask, his Spidey shoes, and practiced all his best Spidey moves before they left. He had an absolute blast!!

I need to get Jessica to take some pictures of us, but Jack and I had our 12th anniversary this week as well. Time goes by so fast! Happy anniversary, Jack... love you!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Take me out to the ballgame...again and again and again!

We have spent a lot of time at the baseball fields this week, and there is lots more to come! Beth was really excited about her practice until the other people actually got there. Then her shy-girl persona kicked in and she wanted very little to do with anyone! She did get up and bat on her own after some coaxing, but Jack had to be with her all the way around the bases and out in outfield.

By the time the other kids batted and she was due to run home, she was done. She ws the only little one out there who was carried home... lol.

I showed you the sunset in my backyard the other day. This is a sunset view from my front yard. I love seeing the sun sink over the Ozarks!

I tried to get some new pictures of the kids the other day, but it wasn't a good day for pictures. Next time I need more time so we are all a lot more relaxed about it. I thought some of them had some funny expressions in this one, though!

Kyle's first game was Monday night, and his team won 6-1. He has two more games this week.

We were able to back the pick-up to the field, and Jack and the kids just sat in the bed of the truck to watch the game. I am not sure exactly what Beth was doing here... lol

I started a new job this week, and got through the training a lot faster than they expected. I am starting my regular shift tomorrow.

My external harddrive crashed with all of my kit files, my paid clipart, and all of my photoshop files and plug-ins. That is so frustrating! It is only a month old, and I was literally getting ready to sit down and back-up the files for the month when it went down. Hopefully I will have enough replaced in the next few days to start a new set!

If you don't already know, Bon Jovi will be performing on American Idol tonight. I was so sad that I missed it last night when Jon was coaching them, but I will be watching tonight!