Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There are some things you hear all the time when you have a houseful of kids. One of the top ten has to be, "I would go insane with all those kids around!" Naaahhh... I don't have time to be insane, but more importantly, I like these strange little people. I like picking a new "favorite" everyday. I like experiencing all their different personalities and quirks, and I like to laugh. The simple truth is that no matter how busy, how stressful, or how downright worrisome life can be sometimes, these guys keep me laughing with all their antics. All. The. Time.

I have to laugh when Beth just has to kiss the first frog she has caught this season.  I won't let her kiss me until she has sterilized her face, but I will laugh! (Nope, this one wasn't a prince either.)

I have to laugh when Ariel thinks seeing Beth kiss that frog is the funniest thing she has seen in a while. (I am so used to Beth's froggy antics that I forget what it can be like for someone new to witness the obsession first hand.)

I have to laugh when my little boys decide to play "World War Z"... and then arm themselves with pillows, hunting caps, skate helmets, baseball helmets, hoodies, blanket capes, nerf guns, and paper guns to go save the world. Apparently with all that protection, Todd doesn't need shoes. Shoes are for wimps!

I have to laugh when Faith falls asleep in the middle of solving a puzzle, but won't let go of the pen as I unsuccessfully try to take it out of her hand without waking her. Her sleeping death grip is amazing.

I have to laugh while Chet is so engrossed in reading a book that he doesn't hear an entire baseball audience hollering, "Chet!!!! Head's Up!!!!" This was funny until the ball landed four feet away from him. Jack sent him to the truck to read. Chet jokingly wondered why he was being 86'ed from a game. That is what happens when you give your dad a heart attack when he sees a ball flying pretty much straight to your lost-in-your-book head!

Jack and I both started laughing when we pulled up to pick Faith up from track practice, and saw her grinning at us around a bag of ice pressed to her cheek. Instead of going over the hurdle she went through it, and then proceeded to drag the hurdle another 25 feet face first in the dirt. It doesn't sound like it should be funny, but her remarks were hilarious.She is so proud that she didn't cry, and is mostly disappointed that it didn't turn into a brilliant black and blue eye. Yep, if you're not going to cry about it, it is best to laugh it off!

And I have to laugh when I am driving down the road, and hear Todd and Kyle joking around in the back seat, causing Todd to laugh so hard he starts crying, which makes Kyle laugh more, which makes Todd laugh and cry harder, which makes Kyle start snorting, which makes Todd laugh so hard he loses his breath. I don't even know what they were joking about. It must have been pretty funny, though.
They say with kids there is never a dull moment.

I beg to differ. In my life, there is never a dull nano-second. I never know what they will say, do, or come up with next.

And I like it that way.