Monday, July 02, 2007

Growing new things

Just a real quick update... :0) This is the frame I made for Pastor David with the picture I took last week. The kids gave it to him at his going-away reception.

The garden is growing very well for the most part. I have yellow squash coming out my ears, and a variety of other veggies are sprouting. Here are some I picked the other day. I have about 100 jalepeno peppers out there now.

I showed you a plant a week or so ago that I thought was zucchini. Then the green plants started getting really fat, and I thought they were watermelon. They look like watermelon, right? So I picked one yesterday, and saw that the bottom of it is turning orange. My zucchini-turned-watermelons are in fact pumpkins. And I have tons of them out there. Tons. I sure hope that the yellow vining plants that I thought were pumpkins end up being watermelons!!
Jesse and Sam are here visiting this week, so I will have some pics of all of us together within the next day or two before they leave. Talk at ya soon!

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deb said...

Ooh.. you're way ahead of us here in New England. Mmm.. nothing quite like veggies from the garden.

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