Monday, October 19, 2009

Under Destruction

Jesse and Sam are coming to visit soon. They are bringing pretty Sophia to charm us. I can't wait. There is so much to be done around the house, so tonight the kids and I pulled out the tools and got to work. I installed lots of details: curtain hooks, shelves, coat hooks and bed canopies. I also moved furniture and washed several loads of laundry.

Matt took care of moving things out to the storage shed that needed to be taken out.

And Kyle got the fun job.

When we put down the ceramic tile floors, we tiled the stairs. It looked great until the tiles on top of the stairs started breaking. I don't like the sharp edges on the seams either. So I gave Kyle a hammer, he donned a pair of Faith's winter gloves, and he set to work breaking out the tiles on the stairs.

It was a very loud project.
We are cutting oak boards and putting those on top of the stairs. It will look great when it is done. I don't think Kyle will find that as fun as the de-construction job, though.

After Kyle took care of cleaning up the mess, he thought he should warn everyone that the stairs still had some jagged pieces of grout stuck to them. Being the considerate tear-down crew that he is, he put up a sign of warning.

If you step on a piece of grout after a triple exclamation warning, it is all on you!

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