Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Window Shopping

I am in the mood for summer skirts and pretty dresses, but my favorite stores are an hour away and there won't be a chance to go shopping anytime soon. So as I sit here watching American Idol with my family tonight, I am drooling window shopping on the net. Here are some of my favorites.

This one's only $24. I wish they had it in colors, though.

I love this one.

I think I could fall in love with this one.


I adore this one. It's on sale if you adore it too.

Okay, this isn't a dress or skirt, but I love it anyway.

I have to know.... are people really wearing these???? Bleck.

Okay, American Idol is over. I need to stop now before I start looking at shoes. Or jewelry. Or shrugs. Or camera equipment. It's a good thing window shopping is budget-friendly.

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Sue said...

Or electronics, or washers & dryers - lol. That is what I have been looking for online lately :) Your clothes are much prettier than the stuff I have been perusing. Good to see you blog again - have missed your posts.

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