Saturday, October 15, 2011

I am a pitiful blogger

It is sad that all of this last year's posts fit on the front page of my blog. I miss blogging, though.

I have managed to squeeze some time in to scrap in the last couple of months. I figured if I shared some of those, I might get a few things covered at once.

Basically, my kids are growing. (Faster everyday.)

Chet is still being seen regularly and staying pretty stable.

We had a fun, busy summer!

I still get a kick out of letting the kids and grandkids do silly things.

School has been going well, and I don't have pictures up yet, but we got Matt off to college where he is thriving!

Did I mention my kids are growing up too fast?

We have had a great year with family visiting.

And even though there are always struggles to deal with, we still spend as much time laughing and enjoying life as we can.
So how have you all been?

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