Wednesday, September 19, 2007

A wiggly bundle of cute

This little guy and his parents came over the other day for some picture taking. He is about four months old, and wiggly as anything! His face is actually in focus in this picture, but his left hand and foot came out blurry because he was so wiggly. I have others where he is in nice sharp detail, but I thought the smile on his face was cute, so I am sharing it instead... lol

He is a happy boy!

Little eyelashes, and such pretty eyes! He was cooing at his mom in this one... I love that sound.

By this point he wasn't feeling so happy anymore. He was much more interested in eating.

And here are his parents. She didn't realize I was taking her picture in this one. I added a glamour glow effect to play with this shot and soften it up a bit.
I may have to go back in and edit this one so Dad's hair isn't sticking up... lol.. the digital version of Mom licking her fingers to smoosh unruly hair into place.

Eight pictures down... a couple hundred more to sort and pick for editing! In a few weeks he is coming back for Santa suit pictures. I can't wait.

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