Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Happy Birthday, Jessica!

I am at my office right now, so it is a post without pictures. But it is the kick-off of birthday season around here again, even if we aren't going to see her today. Happy 18th birthday, Jessica!

Sarah, I do have a myspace. I can't link it right now... it is just

Thanks, Jessie, and to everyone who asked about and prayed for Chet... it means a lot. We are supposed to go back in for counts on Friday if the doctors get the orders in, and hopefully they will have come up a bit. He LOOKS better, and that is a good thing. We can tell usually by seeing how pale he is whether he is getting worse or not.

There are lots of things going on... football, soccer, cheerleading... I should have some pics up soon!

Is there anybody out there who would want to proofread my essays for me? I try to keep them free of typos and stupid errors, but you know how it goes - you look at them forever while typing them and you just don't see the goofs. I hate getting marked down for dumb stuff, I would much rather make honest-to-goodness mistakes... lol.

Talk to ya soon.


Jessie said...

I'm up late - I don't mind editing ;)

Anonymous said...

thanks jenn i will look you up on myspace and send out a friend request. Glad to hear all is going good.


Marcie said...
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