Tuesday, September 01, 2009

She dresses herself

Dear Kindergarten Teacher,

I made an unexpected trip the week before school started. This left me with a lot of work to make up, so I have been going in very early to get work done and make up hours. Therefore, Jack has been in charge of getting the small people ready for school, and he firmly believes in letting our baby show her independant spirit. (Never mind the fact that he is colorblind and lacks any sort of fashion skills. The man has worn Wranglers and polo shirts for the entire 18 years I have known him.) So on the days that she shows up to school in sundresses and knee highs with slip-on tennies,with her curls flying in every which way, please know this. It truly isn't my fault. (Although I do think the Punky Brewster look is pretty cute on her.)

A Tired Mom

PS.... Am I dating myself with the Punky Brewster reference?


Karla said...

I think she looks cute!!!! the colors match!!! With her smile she could ware 3 different plads and still be darling!!

Sue said...

She is adorable just the way she is!! Happy back to school for you guys - we go back next week :)

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

Kevin would die if he knew how the kids left the house some days. . .

Anonymous said...

She would look adorable in anything!