Sunday, August 30, 2009

Football Season IV

It has all begun again. The sweat. The practices. The smell of week-old practice uniforms.... blech.

Matt's team kicked off the new football season with a Jamboree game on Tuesday, and Matt had a lot of playing time. He has a new number this year because he has a new position. Instead of tight-end, he is now a tackle. He was the only one who wore his black underarmor for this game,which was great for me. It made it lots easier to pick him out of the crowd.

There he is in the middle.

There were tons of action pictures to take.

About halfway through the game, Matt had a great moment. One of his teammates fumbled the ball, and Matt recovered it. Of course, during the most important shot of the game for me, my camera focused on the kid behind him and left Matt blurry. Here is falling on the fumbled ball, though.

And here he is getting tackled by the opposing team player who was going for it too.

Smoosh. (I am sure he loves it when I sum up his shining moments in manly one-word statements like "smoosh.)

I liked this shot. I took it right after the play was called and they were starting to unpile.

This was my favorite moment, though, because after he stood up he looked at me with that "Did you get pictures of that?" look, and this time I could say, "YES! I did!" Last year I missed getting shots of all his good moves.
There were some more plays made by all the kids and the game stayed pretty close.

Matt likes this shot the best.

In the end, Elkins made a last minute touchdown that gave them the game. This Friday is the first regular game of the season for the senior team. I probably won't get to be at this game, but even if I am not there in person I will be cheering them on. Go Red!

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