Friday, November 20, 2009

He plays the euphonium.

Chet joined the beginning band last year. He chose the trumpet as his instrument, and I was pretty excited as I plunked down the money to buy him one. Trumpets are pretty cool instruments. I couldn't wait to hear him play the blues, and I had visions of being haunted by Chet's rendition of Taps.

Then at the beginning of this year his band teacher asked him to switch instruments.

To a euphonium.

I spent 4 years in band and I had never heard of such a thing.

So now Chet plays the euphonium. It is sort of a cross-breed between a trumpet and a tuba. And it has its own sound. Last night Chet was practicing for his upcoming performance when Jack heard it for the first time. "What the hell is that?" he asked me.

"Oh, that is Chet on his euphonium," I replied.

"His what?"

"The instrument his teacher asked him to switch to."

As the conversation went on, I explained to Jack that the band teacher thought this would be better for Chet because his mouth is too big for the trumpet. Jack said something about Chet getting a big mouth from me.

I don't know about you, but I had no idea that personality traits could genetically manifest themselves in physical form in my offspring.


Ramblings Of Life said...

My son Jake plays trumpet also, and his teacher has asked him to possibly switch to the euphonium this year. Not sure if and when he will switch. Thought it was a funny coincidence. Was he able to use a school instrument so you didnt have to go buy/rent a new one? That's what we'll be doing if Jake switches, since they have those on hand at the school.

Jenn said...

That is funny, Angie. Who knew the euphonium was so popular??

The school actually had a few sitting around, so Chet has one at school and one at home, which was a big reason I was willing to agree to let him switch. I didn't want him to have to lug it around!

Anonymous said...

ROFL ... about the genetically inherited trait of a "big mouth"!!! Actually, he must get it from his late Great Grandma, who, BTW, also played a trumpet in school.

Hugs and love,

Grandma Pam

Sue said...

I have never head of one either! I am totally cracking up about the big mouth thing :)

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