Wednesday, November 04, 2009

The Nook, the Kindle, the Ebook.... How to Choose?

I love books. I love digital products. I love "gadgets."

I very rarely buy books anymore. My shelves are full, and there aren't many places to buy books around here. (I miss our weekly homeschool trips to the bookstore and Cold Stone.) Digital products take up such little space, and can be downloaded nearly anywhere.

I try to check out library books to get my reading fix, but I am horrible about returning them on time. I love that the e-readers can check out books, and then automatically turn the downloads "off" when they are due.

Gadgets bring me great joy. If it is kitchen, camera, or computer related, I probably adore it. I could easily fall in love with an e-reader. It is everything I adore in a gadget all in one spot.

I have been waiting for prices to go down on these ever since I first laid eyes on the Kindle and Sony readers. Now Barnes and Noble has the Nook. Do any of you have one of these? Can anybody recommend one over the other? Are they as awesome as I am envisioning them to be?

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Angie Nicholas said...

My close friend has the Kindle, and she loves it. I have no comparison feedback on the other two, though. Sorry. I hope you like whichever you choose. I'm thinking you will! =D

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