Monday, February 14, 2011

The Coolest Blog

I am such a history nerd.

It is a deep-seated, ingrained nerdiness, and while I enjoy reading novels and biographies of nearly any era, I find the medieval Dark Ages to be near and dear to my nerdy heart. (I still hold out hope that someday there will be a Dark Ages Trivial Pursuit game.)

A few months ago I purchased a Kindle, and have been regularly downloading free books when they are available. One of my recent favorites was The Traitor's Wife by Susan Higginbothom. After I read the novel, I went back to Amazon to see what other titles she has so I can add them to my "have to read" someday list. That is when I discovered Susan's blog. It is chock-full of historical tidbits and links to other medieval treats. I cannot wait to read through it all.

I am experiencing a variety of technical difficulties lately that have seriously imposed on my online time, and it has hampered my ability to get photos edited and posted. That is all changing this week, though, and then I will be back to posting, browsing and feeding my inner nerd by adding this blog to my list of regular reads.

I can't wait. I'm sure all my fellow Plantagenet groupies out there can understand!

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