Monday, February 21, 2011

First Family Photos

There are lots of firsts in marriage and parenthood, and sometimes you just never know how long certain firsts will take to happen. We had a phenomenal first for our family last month. Jocelyn, her hubby Brian, and their girls came out to see us. For the first time ever we had all 8 kids and all 3 grandkids together at the same time. It was frrrreeeezing cold outside, but I wasn't putting off taking photos of us all together another minute. Carpe diem.

I gave Brian a crash course in using my camera, and he took this one of the thirteen of us. I'm still not sure if the little bit of camera shake is just because he was cold or if my little pep talk included the phrase "Don't be nervous, but you better not cut anybody's head off!"

I was giddy as I took this one. I have waited so long to take this picture! Would it be a bit over the top if I turned it into an entire wall mural instead of just framing it?

The weather didn't allow for much time to play around with positioning, but Jocelyn and Brian have decided to stay a while. So as soon as it truly warms up we are going to find a lovely day to take pictures of us all again, and do some different groupings. That should eliminate the shivering and give us a chance to maybe get everyone to look at the camera at once. Chet... are you paying attention??

I remembered to take one of all the daughters and granddaughters.
And this one of the daughters. (Aren't they gorgeous?)
Then I snapped one of the sons, son-in-law, and giggly little grandson.
And one of this group of particularly handsome sons. Todd was trying to smile big enough the first time to not have to sit there for another shot.
I even got this momma and her baby,
and this pretty family...
and some couple shots of Jocelyn and Brian.
I must have had brainfreeze, though, because there should be a picture here of the 3 adorable grandkids together.... and I forgot to take it. The incoming snow clouds must have distracted me.

Then I handed Jessica the camera, and she took this one. Gads, I love this man!

So how is life, you ask? Well... it is busier than ever. It is noisy, and a little crowded, and a big change for everyone. But you know what.... I love being surrounded by talls, smalls, grands, and growns. Sure, a few more grey hairs are beginning to take hold, but I found the cure for that.

Clairol and highlights.

Life is full. Life is a wee bit hectic. And life is good.

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