Sunday, August 06, 2006

Almost there!

We got a lot of work done today. All of the kids' rooms are sorted out and nearly done being decorated. (I can't wait to show you those pics!) All the rest of the rooms are put together, and my scrapping section is organized and ready to use. I have about half the art and photos hung, and I have my sewing machine set up to finish making the rest of the drapes. In so many ways this house must have been meant to be ours. Things are fitting perfectly into spaces, and it is a really good feeling to know we are nearly done!

We had a big thunderstorm in the middle of the day. Lightning was crashing over our house, which always sets me on edge a bit, but the rest of the family thinks it is so cool. We got several inches of rain, and then it all suddenly stopped again. The weather has been one of the biggest changes for me here. There is so much rain! I love it, but I really could do without all the lightning that accompanies it!

Kara is coming up on Tuesday, and we are going to ride to the Tulsa show together. That promises to be a really fun roadtrip!

Jack and Jessica are on their way to court right now. They should be home tomorrow with finalized court papers stamped with a big "case closed" seal of approval... woohoo!

And I have a funny tale to share tonight. I was taking the kids out to dinner the other night and we were all debating on where to go from our list of not-too-many choices... McDonalds, KFC, or Subway. There was a general consensus that they all wanted McD's (yuck), and then Todd piped up in the backseat with, "I want Subway Eat Fresh!" We were all giggling... watch much TV Todd???


chris jenkins said...

sounds like things are really coming together - with the loan approved and getting the house put together

and it sounds like the shows are going well - love all the LOs you have posted and the pics of the kids - they are growing up!

take care!

Jolene George said...

I can't wait for you to share the photo's of all the hard work you've been doing to make your house a home.

Kara said...

sounds fun!! i can't wait to see everything. grace and i are getting all packed up and ready to go, SO exciting!!!
bring my scrap ready to create for one day!
*hugs* i can't wait to see you!!!!

Jennie said...

So pleased everything is fitting into its place for you. Can't help with the rain or lightening though, we seem to have quite a bit of it here in England too.

Susan Ornelas said...

Hi Jenn

I miss the heck out of you here in Vegas but I am sure that you don't miss this place at all. I think that Zachary is feeling your move the most. He keeps asking if I have money to fly him there...LOL...I keep saying one day. He starts Western and is very excited. Jillian will keep him safe and make sure that all goes well. She is my jock you know and is getting ready to tryout for varsity volleyball, she play softball for Western last year and made varsity and was the only freshman on the team and she was the catcher. They did a write up on her and the pitcher in the RJ. I miss you and when you are on a my username is jazzescrapper come see me. I have actually blogged there...LOL...Me who said I will never ever blog. Sorry for the book but I found you blog paper you wrote for me a year ago and thought I would say Hi.


Susan Ornelas said...

By the way I really need to proof read before I post...LOL...not after...LOL