Friday, August 25, 2006

Go Tigers!!

Matt and his team worked hard and won the game 18-16 last night. I took 198 photos of the game... LOL... I just set the camera on sports mode and then let it click away during all the action shots. I haven't cropped any of these pictures because I am short on time right now, but I wanted to get this all posted. (Dear Santa... I really reallll realllllly want a very nice strong Canon lens so I can zoom in nice and close on the action!)

I caught this one of Matt after the game. He is looking so grown up suddenly! Killing me here!

Matt completed two tackles during the game. I caught this shot of him as he and the first boy he tackled were landing. It was a proud night! We are heading out to the pep rally here in a little bit to watch him and his team be inroduced to the school.

Jessica wanted to curl her hair today for school, and she looked so pretty I had o grab a couple of shots. If any of my digi friends out there want to play with these shots with some conversions, I would love to see what you do with them!

Remember me telling you we needed to find a turtle for the "bring your own turtle" race? We were driving back from dropping the kids off at school when this little guy came strolling out in the street. We stopped, Chet hopped out and grabbed him, and we came home and built a little turtle sanctuary with one of the crates we had from our move. The kids have named him Max, and are thrilled he is here. Somehow, I don't think it is a mutual feeling for Max.

Beth wanted her picture taken today too... funny little ham!

We are off to get Faith to her first dance class tonight, and then heading back to the school for the rally. More pics later!


Kara said...

oh my gosh!! the kids are all so cute!!

matt-go you!! i bet that the first game was totally fun!!

chet-cute turtle!! i can't wait to see it in person

faith-have fun at dance class!!

beth-too cute!! i love the piggies!! tell your mommy that i need your home address, i have something for you! :D

jessica!! GIRL! your mom and dad are going to have to beat the boys off. you are so beautiful!! good luck with your senior year of high school.

Anonymous said...

Killing you, looking grown up??? What do you think it's doing to me???

Love to you all...


Sue said...

Hi Jenn! I finally had time to sit and catch up on your life - and wow!!! I don't know how you do it all :) Your kids are gorgeous by the way :)

Congrats on getting APPROVED - the land looks awesome!

Tracey Odachowski said...

These look great! And, hey...send them to me...I'll do some cool conversions on :)

Katherine said...

OMG, Matt looks GREAT!! Loved the beautiful photos of Jessica and Beth...too cute.

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