Friday, August 04, 2006

so much to do....

It has been a very busy week. I got home on Sunday, and it feels like I haven't stopped yet. I got most of the house painted (it was all white, and I need colored walls in my life) and we are almost done with the unpacking. We just need to get the rest of Jack's tools and my holiday stuff from Johanna's barn and sort through it and find homes for it.

Philadelphia was a really good show to work, despite the power outages we were dealing with. I loved the ladies in my classes, and had a great time. I loved this show last year too.... very friendly! I made it to Ikea while we were there, but had very little time to really shop for some of the things I want for the house. I did get the little boys a really cool swing for their room that I will share with you when we have it installed.

Matt started football practice this week. He is loving it. So far he is a linebacker, and I can't wait for his first real game! He wants me to come get some pictures of him practicing, which I hadn't done because I didn't want to embarrass him. Heck, though... if he wants me to who am I to say no!

I got the kids all registered for school this week, and all of us are eagerly looking forward to the first day of school. Jack and Jessica go back down for court on Monday, and everything should be officially court ordered as far as custody goes.

I have actually taken very few pictures this week, but here are a couple of the better ones to share. I took all of these in our backyard.

This shows about half of the acreage. You can see the pond from here. (I must admit that it has been fun to walk the property and say "that is my apple tree, that is our pond full of our own fish, that is our barn, etc)

Matt built this tire swing to practice tossing the football through. I glanced over and saw Kyle standing there with the tire framing the shot... love it! I can 't wait to drag the kids all over the property for more shots like this!

The animals are having a blast too. The cats have become mighty spider and dragonfly hunters, and I love watching them chase the butterflies. Barkley and Red just run and run and run. Barkley also likes to go through the fencelines and go say hello to the neighboring farm's cows.

Just another one I caught of the boys riding their bikes.

I need some serious sleep. We just got our internet set up, so give me a couple of days to get caught up and I will get all the emails answered! Have a great weekend everyone!


Johanna said...

And now you know why, in spite of the inconvenience of it all, I love living in this place. Isn't it great to watch your kids run like March hares on your property?

Your house is looking great. It will all come together before you know it.

Anonymous said...

Great photos of my little sweeties, whom I miss terribly! Sign Design Theatre performed for the White Shine's Dog Days dinner today and I kept looking for Matt, Chet & Faith! I hope the kids are keeping up with their signing skills.

Love to you all...


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