Monday, May 28, 2007

Some pictures

We had a really nice week! There was a whole lot going on, but I am just going to post a few pictures because I think I have figured out the video upload!

The kids had several awards assemblies this week, but Kyle's took us by big surprise! We got an invitation telling us Faith and Kyle would be receiving awards, but Kyle won 2! He was awarded Academic Achievement and Kid with Character of the Year!! Here is with his teacher.

Faith was also awarded the Academic Achievement award! We were so proud of both of them!
This is sort of blurry and dark, but Todd looked so cute as he watched the kids getting their awards.
And just a few more Ozark nature shots... this moth is HUGE! The board he is sitting on is 6 inches wide, and he is sideways to fit on it! I know those markings are made to look like eyes to scare away predators, but they would even scare me if I saw them looking at me unexpectedly... lol
Tipsy had four kittens the other night... two matching sets! They are getting so big plump already. Scarfy also had her kittens last night, but I don't have any photos yet.
I do love the ponies. There has been at least one pony a week born across the street from us. These little painted ponies are my favorite, and right now there are two of them frolicking in the pasture. I love sitting on the front porch and watching them!
This was almost an accidental shot... I was looking at the mama horse and framing her, and when I saw the shot I saw her baby asleep in front of her, and the pony's dad in the corral behind her. Family photo!

I am off to load the videos now! talk at ya soon!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations Kyle & Faith. Gramma Pam is proud of you, too! Hugs and kisses.

Anonymous said...

Tell all of the kids that I said congratulations on a job well done. I love the pony pictures too. I always liked horsed with those type of markings the best. You all had kittens this week and we had puppies. It must be in the spring air. Love to all of you.'