Sunday, May 20, 2007

weekend fun

I wanted to show you this moth that was hanging out on our bug zapper the other day. I wish I had had something next to him to show how big it is. At first I thought a leaf had gotten stuck up there, but leaves don't have antennas... lol. This guy was huge... about 7 inches long from face to the end of his tail or feet or whatever it is that looks like a stem.

The high school had its awards ceremony the other night, and Jessica received two awards; one for academic excellence in government and one for being on the A honor roll all year. We are so proud of her!

Kyle's baseball team is still undefeated and well on their way to winning the whole season. They took team pictures yesterday, and this is just what I caught from the side. Kyle has improved phenomonally since he first started! He is hitting the ball almost everytime he is up to bat, and hitting it really well! Faith had her first game this week as well, and they also won their game. The schedule is a little crazy, but I do love seeing all my athletes in action!

Yesterday we took the kids to the Crawdad Days Festival. The festival itself isn't that big and doesn't have tons to offer, but we still had so much fun. It was just really nice to spend the day out with the kids.

These aren't my crawdads... a lady behind me in line had this plate of them, and I asked if I could take a picture of her food... lol. She offered me one, but I politely refused... I jsut can't put them in my mouth... lol.
This was actually taken right before we headed home to get Kyle to his game on time. By then everyone was some shade of pink from the sun, but we were still in pretty good spirits!
I just really liked these two shots of Matt and Jessica. I liked them better in black and white, though. It is really hard to get pictures of Matt with nice expressions on his face, so I am printing this one to frame.

There were 264 pictures from the carnival rides on my camera... I thought I would just share some of them... :0) Kyle, Matt, and Chet had fun climbing the rock wall, and then Matt tried his hand at climbing the rope. It was a lot harder than any of them expected! The rest of the pictures are from the rest of the rides.

The younger kids have an awards ceremony this week, plus there are games and other events happening, so I will be back on sooner with new updates. I finally have my new computer set up to make it easier to upload photos and get them posted, so my updates should be more regular now! I have some new digi stuff coming, too... so stay tuned! :0)


Katherine said...

Great photos Jenn!! I just CANNOT believe how big Matt has gotten. He has really turned into a good looking young man. Kind of makes me feel like I should be younger than you...heeheehee!! Love ya!!

Johanna said...

Looks like you all had a great time! I can't believe you didn't try the crawdads...(I couldn't do it either!) I'm glad that you had a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jenn, Awesome pictures! Thanks for sharing. i was in Pebbles the other day and chel and her mom were asking about you. I to
ld them i read your blog and would let you know that they say "HI". I'm so happy for you Jenn, it looks like your life is going along very well. Talk soon, Sarah~

Jennie said...

Wow, I can't believe that moth was nearly 7", I'm sure we have nothing that big here in the UK, but it really does disguise as a leaf doesn't it, so maybe we have loads on the trees, and I just never knwe, scary!!

Love all the pics of the kids, and I really like the B&W one of you with your camera!