Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Take me out to the ballgame...again and again and again!

We have spent a lot of time at the baseball fields this week, and there is lots more to come! Beth was really excited about her practice until the other people actually got there. Then her shy-girl persona kicked in and she wanted very little to do with anyone! She did get up and bat on her own after some coaxing, but Jack had to be with her all the way around the bases and out in outfield.

By the time the other kids batted and she was due to run home, she was done. She ws the only little one out there who was carried home... lol.

I showed you the sunset in my backyard the other day. This is a sunset view from my front yard. I love seeing the sun sink over the Ozarks!

I tried to get some new pictures of the kids the other day, but it wasn't a good day for pictures. Next time I need more time so we are all a lot more relaxed about it. I thought some of them had some funny expressions in this one, though!

Kyle's first game was Monday night, and his team won 6-1. He has two more games this week.

We were able to back the pick-up to the field, and Jack and the kids just sat in the bed of the truck to watch the game. I am not sure exactly what Beth was doing here... lol

I started a new job this week, and got through the training a lot faster than they expected. I am starting my regular shift tomorrow.

My external harddrive crashed with all of my kit files, my paid clipart, and all of my photoshop files and plug-ins. That is so frustrating! It is only a month old, and I was literally getting ready to sit down and back-up the files for the month when it went down. Hopefully I will have enough replaced in the next few days to start a new set!

If you don't already know, Bon Jovi will be performing on American Idol tonight. I was so sad that I missed it last night when Jon was coaching them, but I will be watching tonight!


Johanna said...

Great Pictures as usual. It was so nice running into you tonight. I hope that we can find some time when everyone is off at the same time. It would be really fun to get together. My kids miss your kids.

Don't work too hard, and try to get some rest!

Pastries & Pixels said...

I'm so glad I found your blog!! It's so nice to see what you've been up to since you left the stinkin' desert. You're kids are getting so big, and they're gorgeous. Nice to see you. Ruth

Jennie said...

I'm glad you are doing ok in your new job, and I love the pic of the sunset, gorgeous, and the kid's photo is fab, it's great to see them all together.