Friday, August 24, 2007

Back to School

We all survived and thrived during the first week back to school. Monday was a dark and cloudy morning, so none of my pictures turned out very well. Here are a few, though.

Todd has had so much fun in Kindergarten. His only complaint so far is that they played "Simon Says" in music class instead of playing instruments. Kyle still likes to act grumpy about going to school. but he is also enjoying himself, and gets to have his same teacher again this year, which is a wonderful thing for him. Faith couldn't wait to reconnect with last year's friends, and true to form has already added several new ones to her ever-growing network. Chet was the most excited about heading back to school, and loves moving from class to class in middle school. Plus, he gets to see his friend Kelsey in between classes, which makes him very happy!

Matt started out not really wanting to go back, but he is enjoying himself at school now. This is going to be a really good year for him in athletics if he keeps working as hard as he has been. His coaches told us they want to put him on the starter teams for both offense and defense. Not too shabby for his freshman year! They had their first scrimmage game on Thursday, and both sides played defense so well that neither of them scored. Matt's first game of the season is next week, I think, and we're looking forward to that.

Beth also started in a pre-school two days a week while I go to my algebra class. She adores her teacher, and is having a good time, and then I take her to work with me the other three days which lets me spend some time with her.
I am testing out of the basic required computer class on Tuesday, but I love my other classes. I can't wait to start the writing in the English Comp class, and the algebra class is run on a computer system that lets us all work at our own pace. The real estate class seems to be the most challenging one this semester, but I am excited about getting my license at the end, and even looking forward to the challenge. I am tired after a week of kids, work, and school, but it is a good tired.

Chet has an appointment for Tuesday to see where his counts are now. He is looking even better now than the last time I posted, so we are hoping he will be back in his safe zone. I will let you know.

I am leaving in the morning to spend the day with Kara, and I can't wait. I have some pictures of Matt's pep rally from earlier tonight to get up when I get home, and I am sure I will have some fun ones of Kara and I. In the meantime, I am leaving you with this shot. As I was taking it I wanted to call out, "Wait!" They are all getting too big too fast.

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