Saturday, August 18, 2007

New Wheels

We have lost our Expedition. Sadly, the engine blew out in it, and after hearing the astronomical price the mechanics wanted to replace it, we decided to get a new family vehicle. We went with a Dodge Durango, which is a smaller SUV than I am used to, but at least it isn't a mini-van!! I was a little worried about not having a car big enough for all of because school starts Monday, but we are moving and grooving now! The Mom-Express is ready to roll.

In preparation for his first day of Kindergarten, we took Todd (and Kyle) in to get haircuts today. Neither of them really wanted to get their curls cut off, but I didn't want them to start the year out as mopheads. I laughed as I took this one because I was really enjoying the expression on Todd's face.
I am starting school on Monday as well... Algebra. I went in to enroll the other day, and I had to take a placement test. I knew I didn't need to worry about the reading and writing part, but I thought for sure I was flunking the math when I saw it was all algebra questions. I haven't had to really work out an algebraic equation in 20 years, so I went with the real scientific method of guessing. I worked some of the problems out backwards by plugging the multi-choice answers into the equation to see if they seemed to work, and if they seemed plausible I marked them as correct. Then there were times where a strange symbol would suddenly show up in the answer choices, so I would pick it assuming we had moved to a new level and the new symbol meant something. Apparently, I am a very good guesser, because although I figured I had failed it, it turns out I did really well on that part. In fact, I was bumped right up from pre-algebra and algebra, and put into the intermediate algebra class. Eeeeeeekkkkkkkk..... wish me luck! Somehow, I don't think my scientific method is going to earn me the same grades in the class as it did on the multi-choice test... lol.

Things have been stressful in a lot of ways this month, and I haven't posted a lot about it. But Chet is really, really low on his counts again, and I am very worried about him. We should hear next week about which specialist he can see, and we have been working overtime to take the steps that we have found to work when he is this low. If you would, please just say a little prayer for him that his counts go back up. We have been taking all the extra steps we know of to help boost his counts, and they seem to be working because he isn't as pale or as bruised as he was a few days ago, but I am awfully nervous about him starting school on Monday.

I just wanted to share this picture with you before I go. Yes, it is a hayfield, which is really common around here, but it cracks me up to see this one because it is the field that our little post office is built on. I am fairly certain there is a property line somewhere dividing the actual hayfield and the PO grounds, but who else parks in front of a hayfield to pick up mail? There are still so many things I find around here that I love.

Anyway... I am off to get some sleep, and get ready to face a new week with lots of new beginnings. I will post back here in a few days to show you first day of school shots and let you know how it all goes! Take care!


Anonymous said...

I am sorry to hear that Chet is not well. He will be in our prayers. Let me know if there is anything else that we can do to help. Tell Jessica to call me I am not sure how to reach her at this point.


Anonymous said...

*nice wheels
*prayers for chet
*you look HOT
*i can't wait to see you

love you girl!

Anonymous said...

ooohhhh yea. call me!! i think that we have some catching up to do!! ;)


Jessie said...

((((hugs)))) to you about Chet. I will be praying for him.

Jolene George said...

I love your new SUV. It's really nice. My boys hate haircuts too.
The hayfield picture is so pretty.
My prayers will include Chet.

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