Friday, May 16, 2008

Another photo album

I love this time of year. This week marked the two year anniversary of our exodus from the desert to the lush mountains. There are times where I feel like packing up and going back to Vegas, but then I look out the bathroom window and see a scene like this in my backyard. Freshly mowed property, grazing cows, and a steaming pond... and it reminds me of how much I love the spring here. I didn't even have a window in our bathroom in Vegas.

Then Jack called me outside to watch our bird family. Momma bird was busy catching the worms and feeding her babies. The babies are getting bigger now and getting ready to fly the coop. It only takes her a few seconds to give the birdlets their worms, and then she flies away again on the prowl for more. (If she would help me weed the garden she could find them by the handfuls!)
This morning the babies got impatient between servings. First this one would pop her head out and look around to squawk. "Momma... you coming back soon?"
Then her brother would pop his head out to see what was happening. "Did you say worms?" Then he would pop back in and go to the bottom window, where Momma Bird would bring a new worm. It would happen so fast,though, that sister bird didn't have time to get back down and get her piece of worm.
"Momma... what about me?"
Need a visual of how tall the grass got? It was bad... we have had so much rain and no time for mowing, so our property became a waving prairie rather quickly. Then Josh brought his dad's tractor over, and in exchange for a home-cooked meal he and Jack headed out to conquer the grasslands. We have to get a tractor for our next vehicle. They work so much better than riding mowers!
And there is Kyle taking his turn. He has finally gained enough weight that the lawnmower registers his presence and doesn't shut off if he is riding it by himself. Or maybe the lawnmower is just uber-impressed with his fashion sense. Cowboy boots and shorts... haha. At least the hoodie kept him warm while his kneecaps froze in the cool air. I am so glad he thinks mowing is fun... it saves me from having to do it!
Working backwards again, let's review Monday's game. We got to the baseball fields, and Jack and the girls played some catch before the game started. No,her arm isn't really growing out of the back of her head.
Beth didn't have to throw it nearly as far as Faith did.
The best part had to be the expressions on Faith's face everytime she attempted to catch the ball. Faith, dear... it is easier to catch the ball if you keep your eyes open and focus instead of squeezing them shut and feverishly praying it doesn't hit you!
Like this... Oh how I wish the ground didn't have that weird glow on it. What a great shot this could have been with the freshly-caught ball sticking out of his glove and his complete shadow included! But then there is this picture... and I love this picture. Actually... I love the expression on his face. His coach from last year came over and watched him play on Saturday, and told us he plans on making sure Kyle is on his team next year when Kyle moves up from machine-pitch. Not even in the second grade and he is being recruited... lol.
Of course, Sunday was Mother's Day, and I needed at least one shot with my babies. Let's just pretend that the majority of them aren't nearly as tall as me. And we won't talk about the fact that my six-year old son's feet are nearly as big as mine. Dang-it guys... quit growing so fast!
Matt wanted a picture of just him and I.
And then he took a shot of Jack and I. My blow-dryer quit working Sunday morning, so I just scrunched it up and let it dry with the crazy curls. We spent the afternoon at Mystery and Josh's. Todd and Talon made themselves leaf crowns. (The Little House on the Prairie pics were taken at the same time.)
And we called my mom to wish her a happy Mother's Day.
And then Chet sat on the tailgate with Jack to ask him about a class he took in school the other day. Within a few minutes Kyle and Faith had joined them, so I took a moment from trying to get shots of the eagles flying overhead and bees on the flowers to take their picture.
Saturday was a busy day too. Papa and Leigh wanted to take the kids to Playtime Pizza, so we spent the afternoon there. The kids had so much fun. I took an entire cardfull of bumpercar rides, video games, and face-stuffing, but these were some of my favorites.

At the end of the day we had to head back to the baseball fields for Kyle's game, and I did not want to go. I love going to his games, but I didn't want to leave Papa. I cried as we pulled away. Please come back soon, Papa. Mom and Jesse and Sam... you need to come too.

Friday evening was fun, and I am only going to post this one photo of it right now. Todd and Kyle played in the elementary basketball games, and nothing, I repeat, NOTHING is cuter than a bunch of little kids playing sports with no regard to rules or protocol. More pictures and video of this enjoyable evening will follow soon!
Now that the recap of last weekend is over, the new weekend is here, and it is going to be another busy one. Right now I am going to take advantage of the fact that Jack and Matt are out fishing for catfish and the rest of the kids and critters are asleep, so I am going to scrap a layout or two. Woohoo!The next two weeks are full of end-of-year activities and baseball games, so stay tuned. I am sure there will be lots more to share! I have a Karaoke Gone Bad Part 2 to show as well... brace yourselves!

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