Thursday, May 01, 2008

Talent Show

Monday was a busy night. Faith was singing in the school's talent show, and Kyle's team had their first game of the season. Unfortunately, both events were at the same time in two different towns, so Jack and I had to use the divide and conquer parenting method.

I went with Faith to the talent show, armed with the camera and camcorder, since it was a one-time event. She was so excited, so nervous, and oh so pretty.

Before the show I was metering my camera and getting it ready to shoot pictures, and as soon as I was done doing that the choir teacher turned off all the lights and turned on stage lighting. Therefore, I had to start the process all over. As I was tinkering with settings and taking practice shots, this girl had to have walked in front of the camera just as the image was processing. (I never saw her go by.) The results were pretty cool, I thought. I can't begin to tell you what the settings were, or how I got this ghostly effect, but, I repeat... it was cool.

Then the talent show began, and I patiently endured the whole thing. I never did get my camera set again to take decent pictures, and I was battling with it even more because the batteries were losing steam, so I gave up and just kept the camcorder running. Kyle's game was over before the show was, so he and Jack headed back to the auditorium to catch the end of the talent show. The winners were announced, and Faith wasn't one of them, but she had a wonderful time participating!

Kyle's team did win, though, and played very well. Tonight is their next game and the whole family is heading to the ballfields to watch them shine.

Faith decided to sing "Streets of Heaven" by Sherrie Austin for the talent show. It is a beautiful, heartfelt song that makes me cry everytime I hear it. In fact, I consider it a prayer, and it is a prayer I have pleaded many times. So here she is, my gorgeous girl in all her nervous glory, working with a horrible sound system in front of over 200 people, singing the prayer that moves me everytime.

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Hey sis good job at the talent show Luv ya


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