Saturday, May 31, 2008

The Class of 2020

This post has taken me a week to put together. The videos take FOREVER to upload, and I kept falling asleep at night as I tried to get them up. Finally, here is my my gorgeous little graduate!

I thought there was nothing cuter than kindergartners playing basketball. I was sooooooo wrong! Have you seen a graduating class of kindergartners lately? Oh my... be still my heart. There were lots of graduates of all ages this year, but this particular grad is the funniest and most adorable of them all. And I have that on good authority. Bias doesn't play into my opinion at all. Just take a look and see if you don't agree... :0) Here he is in his cap and gown. In unison now..... "aaaawwwwwww" (look how well that cap hides his horns!!)

So before I start the festivities, let me tell you that I asked him to wear his church clothes to this, and when he came down in them the pants were suddenly three inches too short to wear. So when I sent him back up to change his clothes he put on the floodwater jeans and Spiderman shoes instead. He also decided he had to wear his cowboy shirt instead of the white one. Not only has he sprouted, but his waist has thinned out again (how was that even possible???) and therefore you will see him pulling his pants up several times in this first video and others. I also want it on the record that I made him tuck his shirt in THREE times before I finally left him with his teacher and went to find a place to run the cameras. And look... in that few minutes before the commencement exercises began he had it untucked again. I have decided to duct tape his clothes in place before his high school graduation.

This is not a shy child, not by any means. He is fiercely independant and doesn't cling to us, although I would love it if he would still want to climb in my lap and be cuddled. He weaned himself at 11 months old. He got up one day when he was 18 months old and decided to use the toilet and never wore a diaper again. He says exactly what he thinks, and has the funniest sense of humor out of all the kids. But every once in a while, usually in front of big crowds where he is beginning to feel a case of nerves coming on, I see him looking around to see where we are and it warms my heart so much to see that glimpse of vulnerability. He is always going to be my baby boy.

Ready? click play to see the opening.

Once the kids were seated, the musical presentation began and each class sent a boy and girl up for the dance. Todd didn't tell us he would be dancing in this number. Probably because it isn't hiphop and he is of the opinion that boys should ONLY dance in hiphop numbers.

Egad.... look at how short those jeans are! They don't even cover the tops of his Spiderman high-tops! Does he really have to grow three inches at a time???

I love the singing and dancing!! And even though he wants to act like he doesn't, Todd does too. He has such a serious look on his face in these videos, but when he got home he was singing the songs as he painted a picture. We will all pretend it is hiphop for ya, Buddy.

(I love the way he winks his eye and keeps pulling his pants up in this one.)

I have a video to share of Faith singing "This Little Light of Mine" in church a couple of weeks ago. According to Todd, his version is better.

The video is real jumpy on this one, but the song was so cute I had to include it. It isn't hiphop, but who NEEDS hiphop when you can Kangaroo Hop!

And now the grand finale... this was such a cute song!

Before the diplomas were issued, the Kid with Character of the Year awards were announced from each class. Todd was chosen as this year's recipient in his class. I was so worried when Kindergarten started. I was going to send him to his first day with a note pinned that simply said "I am sorry" ahead of time. He isn't a bad kid, but we never know what his little mind is going to think of to say or do next. We are so proud of him for earning this. And so glad the apology was never necessary. Thank you, Todd! We love your character too!

Next up were the diplomas. Each one was called up and presented with a certificate from their teacher and a dogtag necklace from Ms. Becky (which is what the kids know her by outside of school).

There was an x on the floor where the kids would stand for their parents to take their pictures. Todd was the only one who needed to look up in the bleachers for the camera attached to his mom's face, but I loved the angle because I was able to get just him in the shot.

Then the principal said this.

I wasn't ready for that. The class of 2020???? I try not to think about stuff like that! My baby boy graduates in 12 years??? Noooo!! Not so soon! And if you talk about how much sooner the others will be graduating I will just cry.

The ceremony was over and it was time to get some better shots. Here is Todd with his wonderful teacher. He loved her classroom so much, and I know he had a great time this year. Thank you, Ms. K! Todd the Tiger.... he is on his way to great accomplishments ....

with his sense of humor completely intact. The dogtag (why do the pictures always look so muddied after I upload them???) says "I Graduated from Kindergarten!" Yes, you did, my funny boy! We are so proud of you! Always remember that when you are feeling nervous we are right here watching you and rooting you on. And when you are feeling mischievous, we are right here watching you and trying not to laugh when we scold you for it. Now excuse me while I go cry in my pillow and wish you were a little baby to hold to and cuddle again! Love, Mom

Just for fun, here is the video of Faith and Celeste singing "This Little Light of Mine." You will have to decide for yourself if you like one better than the other. I am Switzerland... :0)

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