Thursday, August 20, 2009

It's that time of year...

where the buses fire up their engines, the teachers gear up their lesson plans, and the students return to school. When it came time to round my kids up for the traditional first-day-of-school photos, Matt could not be found. He had tried to leave early to ride his bike to school, but Sammy couldn't stand to see him go and had followed him halfway there. Thanks to a loyal dog, my reluctant teenager returned home in time to be photographed.

The other kids got ready and gathered together willingly for group and individual shots.

There is something different about this school year. This year, we sent our baby off to Kindergarten. I don't have any babies, toddlers, or pre-schoolers at home anymore. It is the end of an era for us, and I am more than a little sad about it. Beth, however, couldn't wait to leave her sentimental mom behind and race forward into her education.

Her daddy and brothers escorted her to her classroom, and after she met her teacher we took her to have breakfast and dropped the boys off at their rooms along their way.

Kyle, bless his sweet, tender heart, did not want to go to school again this year. He loves school, but he hates leaving us. He wants to spend all day with his dad fixing things and being mechanical. Fortunately, he made it through the day without any 911 calls home or to my office, and has already gotten over his initial trepidation.

Todd hopped right into class, found his seat, and climbed on in backwards, thus the straddled look he is sporting here in his chair. There wasn't any reluctance on his part to go to school. This boy flies into every experience with arms wide open.

We finally got Beth and her supplies tucked into her classroom, and then I sadly bade her goodbye. I still haven't recovered from leaving her there. I was ready at noon to go pick her up, but Jack wouldn't let me. He took me to lunch instead, and I must admit that was fun, but I was still extremely relieved when I saw her bouncing off the bus that afternoon and flying into my arms!

There are lots of things Beth likes about Kindergarten so far. However, the best part, in her eyes, is that the school has............................. are you ready for it???? ............................


Have a good year, my small and tall peoples. I love you all!


Karla said...

how sweet,, sounds like a busy, but rewarding life!!!!I only have a daughter at home and she drove herself to school this is her Junior year!!! I really missed taking her to school

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

lol I was ready to cry, thinking about you having to leave your baby. Then, you made me laugh with those darn frogs. My favorite emotion: laughing through your tears. : )