Sunday, August 09, 2009

Simple Saturday

I took Chet and the girls down to Memphis on Thursday, so I will be updating Chet's blog in just a minute.

On Saturday, Crystal (married to Nathan) came over to scrapbook, but we ended up cleaning out my freezer and fridge instead. It wasn't supposed to work out that way, but I ended up scrubbing and cleaning the whole kitchen and got all of my downstairs deep cleaned. It was the first Saturday I have been able to spend at home in a long time, so I don't know what possessed me to spend it cleaning! Perhaps Crystal and my other scrapping friends will come back soon while everything is still sparkly and we can really scrap!

Jessica, Daniel and Brandon came over for dinner last night. Daniel rode on his grampa's shoulders to go watch the boys play Trampoline Dodgeball and then to visit McClacken.

Zachary has been here visiting Matt this week, and he has enjoyed getting to know McClacken.

McClacken has enjoyed chewing on Zachary.

Daniel watched his Uncle Todd and Uncle Kyle playing Trampoline Dodgeball. They played a gentler version than the older boys did.

Daniel also supervised his Uncle Matt and Tyler playing. This was a game we watched from a further distance to avoid being hit by flying volleyballs.

Then we shooed everyone off the tramp and gave him a turn, only he didn't actually play the dodgeball part. He really did like trying to walk on the tramp, though.

Soon afterwards, Sammy discovered that the trampoline was full of all the boys he adores so much, so he jumped up there to get there attention. Everyone needs a little love sometimes.

We have had a full-house this weekend, but it was nice. Now we are all cozied in the living room and watching movies, and I am trying to mentally prepare to return to work and our regularly scheduled weekdays tomorrow. I did get one layout scrapped this weekend while we were at St. Jude, though, so I will share that with you before I sign off again. (I will fix my typo before I print it.)

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