Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Weekend Kids

There is a group of kids we call our "weekend kids." At any given point, one or more of them are at our house or our kids are off to their houses. I lined everybody I could get gathered up for this photo, but these aren't all the kids we had over this weekend. At one point, there were 12 kids total on the premises. Yes, it makes things a bit chaotic, but I really like my kids' bestfriends and don't mind having them over. I just need to get a sound-proof and padded room installed at some point.

Beth was worried about getting to see Santa, so when we found out he would be visiting our local hardware store this weekend we loaded up all of the full-time and weekend kids who wanted to see him and headed into town.

Beth was a bit hesitant at first, but her desire to share her Christmas wish with Santa soon overrode her innate shy nature.

She climbed up, got settled, and posed for the official picture.

Then it was time for the serious business. Santa asked her if she was good this year, and without missing a beat she told him she was. Then he asked her what she wanted for Christmas. She looked that jolly old elf straight in the eye and said, "A frog house."

Yes, she wants a frog house. Just like a dollhouse, but made for frogs. Santa looked at her and said, "I don't get many requests for frog houses!"

I just laughed to myself and quietly said, "I am sure you don't!"

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Amber Staley said...

Oh, Beth and her obsession with frogs. Only she could think of a frog house!!

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