Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Extra-Terrestrial

Do you remember the scene in the E.T. movie where Mike and Gertie find E.T. and Gertie starts screaming? Then E.T. thinks it is a game and starts shrieking back at her? Then everyone hears the mom coming, and Elliott tells them to hide? Then the mom comes in the room, and Mike is covering Gertie's mouth and the camera pans across to E.T. hiding amongst the toys? Then Elliott tells his mom he was reorganizing the closet?

This scene.

Beth decided to reorganize her frogs today. Unlike the movie mom, I noticed the strange creature hiding amongst the toys as soon as I walked in the room.

After the mom left his room, Elliott told his siblings, "I'm keeping him."

I'm definately keeping her. Even if the men in white coats do show up here.

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