Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Hey guys, wait for Beth!

I came home this weekend just really wanting to scrap today, so I decided to work with this photo I printed a couple of weeks ago and was waiting for a chance to use. I don't know how well I really conveyed the message I was trying to send in my journaling simply because I am so tired, but it was nice to just put a page together.

This layout has:
Melissa Frances papers (blue with dots and red stripe)
Pressed Petals paper (black floral)
new Rhonna Farher stamps (swirl)
American Craft letter stickers (black swirly)
Deluxe Designs photo turns
homemade letter stamps for Beth's name (except for the Technique Tuesday stamp for E)
Making Memories punctuation stamps
the outer edges are brushed with white paint, then red paint. The background is a light tan color.
Font is Prissy Frat Boy

Journaling reads: Everyday we walk Kyle to school, with Kyle and Todd leading the way while Beth follows behind them. I love watching the three of them as they trail each other down the path, while I keep watch from the rear. Every twenty feet or so I have to call out and remind the boys to wait for Beth as her little legs try to keep up with them.

Sometimes it is a particularly nostalgic feeling for me. I just know that all too soon these days are going to come to an end. They are going to find ways to go off their own, and they won’t need me to follow behind them to make sure they all stay together. In those
moments I can’t help but think of all the times to come when I am going to remind the boys to look out for their baby sister… bus rides to school, teenage outings, trips to college. I can’t help but think that by teaching them to watch out for her now while they are all so little will help instill a desire in them to protect her when she is older.

But today we are just walking to school, and the boys are eagerly racing forward to see who can get to the gates first. And as Todd and Kyle try to beat each other to the final
destination, I am calling out to them now so that they will hear me when they are older….. "Hey, guys, wait for Beth!"


Jennie said...

I love the sentiment behind this LO Jenn, I remember it only too well with my three, except the youngest gets there first now, as the novelty has worn off for the older ones. I love the shabiness of the LO.

Jennie from UK x

Jennifer Stewart said...

THAT LAYOUT is totally beautiful. Wow, I LOVE IT! :)


teresa said...

such a fab layout. adorable photo that says what you wrote...love that!!

Kara said...

so cute!! :D

;) are you reading this??

Kara said...

or this??

Kara said...

what about this one??

ohh...found a REALLY cool paperie in Austin this afternoon!! :D

Kara said...

one more....*smiles* miss ya!! can't wait til our next show!!

**HUGS** and good luck with all of the packing!!