Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Little Comedian

Todd cracks me up all the time. The things he says coupled with the expressions he gives are a combination sure to incite much laughter. I am adding this today so I don't forget it. I need to make a little book about some of the funny things my kids say.

Anyway, I had a lot of errands to run today, and I took the kids with me. I pulled through Sonic to grab a diet coke with cherry syrup... mmmmm... and Todd was sitting in the middle seat by the driver's side window instead of the back seat. While I was ordering my diet coke, he rolled down his window, and as soon as I was done speaking he starts to say "and IIIIII want...." The other kids started chuckling at this, and I began to roll up his window with the controls by the steering wheel. As the window went higher, his voice got louder as he tried to make sure the clerk heard him say "I want a double cheeseBURGER!" (No, I don't let him eat double cheeseburgers, but he is on a kick lately that doubles sound better.) When I pulled up to the window to get my drink, he rolls his window back down and hollers out "and a coke!" Even the clerk was laughing at this point. I rolled his window back up and locked it with my controls, but we all chuckled about it as we went to pick up Jack.

Last Sunday he was at church with my mom, and the Sunday school teacher asked him if he wanted to go see the goldfish that they have. He looked at her and said,"I can't.. I am allergic to goldfish unless I eat them." I don't know where he gets this stuff from, but I do love the laughter he adds to our lives!


Kara said...

so cute!! you have a commedienne in training!! :D

Kirsten said...

Little kids are so funny!

The other day I told my son (2 1/2), See you later alligator. He looked at me totally dadpan face and said "I not alligator, I duck. Quack. Quack".

Gotta love the free entertainment

Anonymous said...

Actually the conversation with the Sunday School teacher was more like this, according to the SST when I went to pick him up out of class:

SST: "Todd said the funniest things today when I asked him if he wanted to go see the goldfish. He said he's allergic to meatloaf and goldfish. I asked him if he eats the goldfish and he said again, 'No. I'm allergic to them!'"

I wonder where he came up with his idea that he's allergic to meatloaf, let alone the goldfish?? Silly child!

Love you!