Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Busy Weekend

On Saturday we borrowed a bobcat to finish getting our garden put together. Jack got called into work, so Tony came over to help me get stuff done. We started out doing really well, and got the flower beds and the strawberry bed filled in in the front yard.

Todd was determined to help as well, so he stayed busy bringing shovels of dirt over one at a time.

Then he went over to the spot we were pulling dirt from and built a robot.

Unfortunately, in an attempt to get the bobcat unstuck from one part of the yard, Tony ended up burying it in the deepest and marshiest part of the property. We couldn't get it out, in fact the tow truck couldn't get it out with the regular truck. They had to go back and get their semi tower, and then use the really long chain they use to pull trucks up mountainsides to pull it out. Someday this is going to be a really funny story.

All of our bushes and trees are blossoming with a bunch of different flowers. Faith and Beth can't leave them alone... they keep plucking some and bringing them to me or trying to replant them.

Today was an absolutely gorgeous overcast day in the 70's, and completely perfect for pictures. I took Beth and Todd into town to use some of the walls and get some shots. I go this one of the two of them.

Todd wasn't really in the mood for pictures, though. This is the only where he was relaxed and acting naturally... because he didn't know I was tkaing his picture. Beth cracked me up as she held up her skirt while she was running.
Most of my pictures of Todd turned out something like this.

But I did get this one in a pallet we found leaning against a wall.

Beth, on the other hand, was thrilled with the camera today, and posed all of her own shots... LOL. Hopefully the weather will be great for more outdoor shots this weekend because I want some new portraits of all the kids.

I will be back with a new Easter digi kit in the next day or two. Have a good week!

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Jennie said...

Those pictures of the kids are gorgeous, and I promise to not laugh about the bobcat!! LMAO!

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