Tuesday, March 27, 2007

a more upbeat update

It has been a long week again, but I wanted to highlight some of the funnier things that happened. This first one isn't funny, though... just a bit of a brag. Jack spent the weekend building a deck railing all the way around the front porch, including a gate. Tonight we brought the BBQ out there and put the deck to good use grilling up some burgers and enjoying our lovely weather! "Doncha wish your hubby was handy like mine?!" (sung in my best Pussycat Dolls voice... lol)

I meant to post pictures of these little guys a few weeks ago when I first brought them home, and then I didn't get any great photos of them. Todd calls these our Scooby Doo dogs, and he is right.... they do look like Scooby. However, their names are Clark, Bruce, and Peter. If you are up on your superheroes, I bet you can guess which one of the kids picked their names... lol.... Todd) However, since I was too tenderhearted to only bring one of these guys home, and ended up with all three of the brothers, Jack has decreed that I am no longer allowed to even look at people standing in the Walmart parking lot holding sad-looking puppies that need a home.
This is not a good photo, but it is fun. I do love leprechauns.

The other day, what started out as Kyle's simple self-dousing with a waterhose became......
a very cold mudbath that eventually led to.....

mud monsters running around my yard.

If you are 3 years old and you leave cookies out on the new deck railing, it will attract mosquito hawks. Please, folks, don't feed the wild insects. They never go away if you do that.

When a dad and his baby girl are planting lavendar in the front planter, they should always use a spatula and a window ice scraper. Using standard gardening tools would not be nearly as funny.

And I do love beautiful things, and I love our beautiful spring, so I thought I would share some of the lovely-mous flowers growing on the trees around our yard. Talk to you soon!


Johanna said...

Wow! The place is looking great. I need to call you....I'm sorry that I don't. I just seem to think of it when it is too late at night to call! Talk to you soon though...{hugs}

Kerry said...

I am so jealous of you having flowers already lol We still have snow on the ground up here and I am really starting to detest it. I want to look out and see beautiful flowers.
Love all the pics.

Jennie said...

Your deck islooking absolutely gorgeous.

Really sorry to hear about Barkley (Have I spelt that right?) A sad story, and it sounds like you have other bad news too, so hugs from me, and I hope things work out ok. I'm loving those flower photos.

Jen from the UK x

Anonymous said...

Jack, great job on the deck! LOL on your mud monsters ...

Love to you all,