Wednesday, March 21, 2007

pictures from the weekend

I really didn't get any great soccer pictures on Saturday. Faith and Kyle were both playing, and Matt coached both of their teams. (He has been coaching their teams for several weeks now, and is even getting paid for it!) Faith had just kicked the ball in this shot.
In this one you can see Matt, Kyle, and Todd. Todd has never played soccer, but when the head coach asked him if he would like to, he jumped at the opportunity. It was hilarious because he was wearing his cowboy boots, and everytime they had a time-out he was out there dancing on the floor with those slippery boots! After the little kids, Matt played a couple of games with the older kids. All of the kids' teams won their games, and we were all really tired by the time the day ended.

Jessica also started her first job on Saturday, but I haven't been able to take any work
pictures of her yet since she is still in training. Those will be coming, though... lol... I promise!
On Sunday, Jack took Matt and Jessica to work with him so they could all spend the day together, and I took the rest of the kids to church, and then all the kids in church went bowling afterwards. My kids had a blast and cannot wait to go again. My favorite part had to be when Todd put on his shoes and said, "Mom, they fi perfectly!" okayyy... but those don't look very comfy to me!!

Since the little guys aren't really up to power-rolls yet, it was really funny to see the kids roll their ball, and then wait and wait and wait for it to reach the pins.

The funniest part of the whole thing is that it was Beth who won the game... LOL... she bowled a 74.
Monday morning started with Jack telling me to get my camera... quickly. Matt gets frustrated with all his curls, so he asked Jessica to help him use the flat iron to straighten it. We have been telling them they need to find common ground and to not spend so much time bickering, but whoda thunk it would be primping... lol

Here is with the straightened do. He really liked it, but as soon as he got done with off-season training and took a shower, all the curls were back in full force... lol

I took some pictures the other day to make a new avatar. The one I had on here is a couple of years old now, so I was due for an update I guess! These didn't come out well straight out of the camera, so I played with the black and white and urban wash actions on them a little. I might take more later, but for now I am going to use the one I put up there in my profile box.

Jack is on his way home, and we are going to some yardwork done. So I am going to sign off now, and I will be back soon with new updates. talk to ya then!


Johanna said...

Funny....the lady helping Beth is Rachel's 3rd grade teacher! Looks like they had Matt's!

Sarah said...

Jenn! Have you lost a ton of weight? You look great!