Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Newest Beta Member

Last night was a proud night for Jessica. She was invited and accepted membership into the National Beta Club, so she and 24 other students were inducted last night. I am excited that she is going to be part of this group.... I think there are some great opportunities for her there!

I have some other shots to share too... I have been playing with my camera again today. This was our backyard at sunset tonight... I just loved how pretty the sky was behind the pond. I didn't even touch the contrast when I cropped it to size... I just wanted the colors as they were outside!

There are about 6 of these little yellow finches that are flying around our yard between the trees... they are so pretty! However, they are obnoxious to photograph... won't sit still , won't look at the camera, and they take off anytime I try to get closer. Pure brats... lol.

And this little guy wasn't very cooperative either.. kept hiding behind his momma. He is only a day old, and still very wobbly on his feet. I think he is so pretty with that black mane and white star on his forehead!

The late frost a couple of weeks ago killed a lot of my garden plants that were already up, so we have replanted some new tomatoes and green beans. However, my lettuce plants survived the frost and are thriving! Salad in motion, baby!

And this is one of my groups of peas... I have about twelve feet of these little yummies sprouting up along their trench. My spinach, my corn, and several of my squash and watermelon plants are getting big and proud too... I can't wait for summer! (Never in my life have I said that before... lol) I must admit... I like shooting plants. They don't ignore me nearly as much when I plead with them to sit still and look my way just once!

Mom will be here tomorrow to visit for the weekend. I am also taking new pictures of Jessica in her prom dress, and dressing all the kids up to get some nice portraits to replace the flubbed Easter shoot. I will be back when I can! Have a great weekend!


Jennie said...

Congratulations to Jessica, you must be proud.

I love all your photos, it's so interesting to see where you live, it looks absolutely gorgeous. That cute little foal, only a day old, he's gorgeous.

We do have lots of gorgeous springy little lambs around here, but the weather is unseasonably warm, so a lot of them have been shawn, and they look so tiny without their coats.

Anonymous said...

Tell Jessica I said congratulations that is really great. I thought Jack did ok with the pictures better than most dads in those moments. I thought she looked great and I can't wait to see the pictures that YOU take.