Friday, June 13, 2008

Did ya miss me?

Probably not, but I miss blogging regularly! Here is a new slew of photos just in case you are interested, though! :0)

The week before last we spent all Sunday afternoon out at Kevin and Debbie's house. I looked out their kitchen window and saw Beth carrying handfuls of daisies in. I asked her where she found them, and she took me back to the patch of wildflowers Kyle had shown her.

Where she picked more to add to some new vases.
And still left plenty behind for the butterflies and bees to enjoy. Josh and Mystery came over that weekend also, and we played Rummy most of the night. None of us have played Rummy in years, and I suspect we forgot a rule or two, and mixed a Gin Rummy rule in there here and there, but we had fun.

Mystery is the Rummy Bomb. She hoards all her cards and goes out in one fell swoop. I think that is against one of the rules we forgot.
No,I would never hide cards up my sleeve. Honest.
Of course, there has been a lot of baseball too. I love action shots, even when the ball is blurry. Call the ball, get your glove ready, ....
and catch. Then turn around and tag the runner out. He is so intense.

Another fun "catch"shot... actually, I am not sure it would be called a catch. It was bouncing on the ground towards him, and he scooped it up and threw it to first.
And here he is running home.
He loves watching the game as much as he loves playing it.
And he really loves winning. His team took third in the league. This trophy actually goes to the team sponsor, but they let me take his picture with it before we left.
I have a word of advice for novice baseball moms out there. There are shoes you should wear on the ballfield, and shoes you shouldn't wear on a ballfield. This is an example of a pair you should not wear. And we will leave it at that.

My garden is growing, and most everything has sprouted. These are sweet peas. I have to get out there tomorrow and weed again. Crystal came over Wednesday and we got about a third of it weeded, but there is still a lot to do. I have four rows of corn growing, and I am so excited. I didn't pull a single one of them out this year!

We have seen some critters lately too. This doe was in Kevin and Debbie's yard, but she took off when she heard a car coming. I have been waiting to get deer shots, so hopefully she will come back the next time we are there.
Then Tyler spent almost two weeks here, and found this baby mole one afternoon. I had a hard time getting a shot of it. He was pretty frantic to get out of that box and get away. I had Tyler take him back to where he found him and let him go. Jack said that wasn't a good idea because the moles like to eat my garden. I wasn't too worried, though, because the kitty patrol saw Tyler putting him back and they were showing a keen interest him in.
Last Saturday Jack took Kyle to a baseball tryout, and Kyle was accepted to an All-Stars team. I thought baseball was over for a while, but I was so wrong. We are proud of him for being an All-Star, though, and really excited to see what happens, even if there are practices six days aweek right now!
While they were at the ballfield, I took the other kids to Agriculture Days here in town. I love stuff like this. The older boys were working at a BoyScout fundraiser, so after lunch and exploring a bit they headed back to the carwash and the rest of us enjoyed the live music and food until Jack and Kyle got back.
Matt took Beth piggybacking around the exhibits for about an hour.
And Faith hung out with her friend who raises sheep.

Then we got the kids snowcones and tried to take pictures in the wind.
And finally before we left the kids enjoyed some watermelon. Beth likes it so much she had double handfuls.
Then on Sunday I took Jack and Todd to the airport so they could go back to Vegas for a week or so and get some work done on my mom's house. I wish we all could have gone, but Todd is having a blast out there. Everybody keeps feeding him pizza and he gets to watch Cartoon Network. Sam told him she would take him out on Sunday and do anything he wants to do. Hahahaha... he has a list ready for her. He wants to go to Walmart, then go to ChuckECheese for lunch, then go to a movie, then go to Walmart again, and then go to Pizza Hut for dinner. Have fun, Sam! LOL

I am hoping to get to post each day this week. We will see how it goes! Tomorrow we are going to baseball practice, the Ice Cream Social, and a birthday party. Sounds like a lot of pictures to me! Hope you all have a fun weekend too!

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