Sunday, June 29, 2008

Hose Bathing

I spent most of the morning and afternoon outside with the kids today.I had a field of weeds in my garden that were screaming to be annhialated. By the time we called it quits we were all quite muddy. I used the hose to get the majority of the mud off my arms and legs before I came in to take a shower, and at their request I let the kids stay outside and play in the water.

When I was cleaned up I looked out the window and thought to myself how much I did not want to have to wash all the mud from them out of the bathtub. So I sent a bar of soap and a bottle of shampoo outside to them, and told them to get themselves all cleaned up. Now I have four squeaky clean kids and a clean bathtub. Don't you love it when things work out that way?

Kyle was making sure Todd got all the soap out of his hair.

Doesn't everyone want to sit on a riding mower to get dried off?

I am uploading pictures to Chet's blog now with an update from the weekend.

Talk to you soon!

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