Friday, June 13, 2008

Two posts in one night....

I know it is strange for me to even post twice a week now, let alone twice in one night. I had some photos from today I thought I would get up here, though. I never sleep much when I am home alone anyway, so I may as well get something productive done!

I took the kids into town today so we could go the car show and see the live bands on the square after baseball practice. However, a huge thunderstorm greeted us as we pulled into town, so practice was cancelled and nobody was out on the square. We stopped by Johanna's store to say hi and then headed home. Before we went, though, I decided to take advantage of the cloudy sky and old brick walls.

My fruit trees are producing this year too. I have two plum trees FULL of fruit, plus apples, peaches, and pears. I can't wait to make yummy syrups, jams, and sauces out of all those. Here are some of my baby apples. I have to keep chasing the younger boys out of the fruit trees and remind them constantly to not just sit up there eating everything before it is done growing, but secretly I think it is funny that they do that! And tonight I am feeling especially sentimental about this and other things my kids do that are just so innocent, youthful and funny. I just found out that a little girl who has been battling CF passed away today. I don't know her personally, but I have been following her story and praying that she could be stabilized and receive new lungs. Reading of her death has just hurt. Please keep Haley's family in your prayers.

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Johanna said...

I feel so bad that I couldn't visit with you more last night. Class was crazy. (I should have pulled you in and made you help me!) It was nice to see you though...twice in one week! Too bad for the rain, huh? I think that the car show will be today, and hopefully the band will come back! See you soon!

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