Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Sun-Dried Worms on a Sunday

We have had an over-abundant supply of rain this spring. For every inch of rain we get, our grass seems to grow a foot. As you can see, it is now taller than Todd, so we have been trying to work on it during the weekends. In between weekends it rains more, which undoes our efforts. The grass blowing in the wind sounds lovely, but the reality is that it is a playground for snakes and other unwelcome critters. As I saw Todd coming through the grass, I was calling to him to get out of it.

He felt he had contributed enough to our clean-up efforts, and was working his way towards the trampoline since it wasn't yet overrun by the towering grass.

Faith was also taking a break and entertaining herself by spinning on her swing in one of the areas where Jack had gotten quite a bit mowed down.

Beth found an entirely different sort of entertainment. To her utter delight, the wet ground was wielding up and abundant supply of earthworms. She happily collected them all into a 2 liter bottle, and thinking they would get thirsty she covered them in water. We told her that the water was drowning her worms, and then we went back to work. She didn't want her worm friends to drown, so at some point she spread them out on the benches to let them dry out a bit.

Later I stepped outside to talk to my mom on the phone, and Jack and I discovered the bench full of Beth's sun-dried worms. Her heart was in the right place, but her methods didn't work quite the way she planned.

I just want to point out the tube of lipgloss she left with her worms. She really is the girliest tomboy I know. And since I don't know if she decided to share that lipgloss with her wormy friends before she baked them, which is entirely likely in her world, I have decided I don't want to wear it anymore.

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Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

That picture cracked me up!!

kady's the same way! She loves to play "worms" at the babysitter's house, and yet, she wears a "Barbie dress" almost EVERY day. I think it's great they're able to be girly and tomboyish at the same time.