Sunday, June 21, 2009

Teach a kid to fish...

and they will ask to go every weekend!

Last weekend was the Berryville Ice Cream Social, and one of the annual events is the fishing tournament at George's Pond. We got up early to meet some friends there and get the kids' fishing spots staked out before the crowds arrived. We were greeted by a swan who spent most of the day perched on the log on the island in the middle of the pond.

This tournament is just for kids, and the city makes sure the pond is well stocked with catfish and bass just for these events. Our friend John and his family were all there, and they brought poles for our kids to use.
I had to be at work at 9 that morning, but I did get to see everybody get all set up and ready for the tournament to begin before I had to leave.

Then I headed off to work and left my camera with Jack. He ended up putting it in the truck for most of the time, but he was really good about making sure he took some photos while I was gone.

Beth loved playing with the worms before they were strapped to a hook and tossed into the water, but she wanted nothing to do with actually touching the fish as they were reeled in.

The turtles in the pond were enjoying the tournament. It is a good day when food is flung right to you if you are a turtle. Or a hungry boy. This turtle came pretty close to the shore, but he and his fellow reptiles spent the morning eagerly eating the worms off the hooks.

After everybody had caught at least one fish, Jack lined them up for a picture.

There were all sorts of prizes given out. Kyle won this tackle box in a drawing. Now we just have to get him set up with a pole. Beth can provide the worms.

I did get off and get back in time to see some of the final fishing moments. I got a kick out of watching Chet fishing barefooted. Here he is reeling his catch in and getting it on the ground.

Todd preferred to sit as he waited for a bite. He got this one to the shore line, and then John helped him get it on the ground and off the hook.

Beth was perfectly content sitting in her daddy's lap and letting him catch fish after the tournament. Of the five kids there that day (Matt was on a mission trip to Texas), she is the only one not thrilled with the whole process of fishing.

This was the funniest moment, though. Faith caught her final fish, and with her stance and struggle to bring it in you would have thought it weighed twenty pounds or so. She loved fishing. My gramma would have loved that about her.

He was her biggest one of the day, which meant he was added to the rest of the day's fishy harvest. We are going to John's in the next couple of weeks to have a fish fry. Well, the kids and Jack will eat fish. I am bringing onion straws, because this isn't the kind of face I look at and think "mmm... you look good enough to eat!"

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