Monday, July 27, 2009

My favorite kind of Sunday

Sunday was all about the kids. The majority of the kids who came all week for VBS were there for both services, where they got to share their scriptures and sing their songs. They were, in a word, awesome. Awesome. They sang, they danced, they ate donuts, and then they sang and danced again. I was so incredibly proud of them. It is THIS Sunday that makes being a VBS director worth it. I love seeing kids enjoying worship through music. Next week we are taking them on a day mission trip to perform their VBS program for the senior center. This is the first time we have taken them on a mission trip, and I am so excited about it.

Our VBS week itself was really great too. The kids had fun, we had wonderful volunteer leaders and workers, and we had about 20 of our youth come out just to help out. I am so grateful for everybody who pitched in to make it all work well!

After the VBS program, the youth group reported on their mission trip to Texas last month. Matt was the first teen to share his testimony and talk a bit about what they did. My favorite parts were, "We built a rock wall and then we had the girls finish it." and "We built a porch for a lady who..... needed a porch." (The lady is terminally ill with cancer and wanted to be able to spend her mornings on a porch for her daily devotionals.) Matt, however, was not alone in brief reviews. Another boy turned 16 on this trip and said, "On my 16th birthday I had to get up at 5:30 in the morning, and then scooped water out of a big hole with buckets, but that night we got to go to a Texas Rangers game and that made up for all the crap I had to do." I don't think I have ever heard "crap I had to do" preached from the pulpit before...hehehe.

But as much as he cracks me up, and even he is laughing about the talk he gave, I am extremely proud of Matt, and all of our youth. They did a good job down there in Texas, and I know Matt came home with a deeper testimony and an appreciation for performing acts of service. After he came home, he went on a Chrysalis Flight. On Sunday all of us who are local members of the Emmaus community stood up to welcome him to the group. Between the mission trip and the Chrysalis weekend, Matt has had a very busy spirit-growing summer!

After the youth presentation, we closed our service with prayer and the hymn "Here I am, Lord." This is one of my favorite hymns, which was a perfect way to end my favorite kind of service. I wish you all could have been there with us to see it!

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