Monday, July 27, 2009

The Naked Ladies Have Returned

Jack cleared out the majority of our front yard a couple of weeks ago, and seemingly overnight these lovely flowers have burst out of the ground and blossomed.

They grow in batches, and are so pretty. Last year I was told they are called Naked Ladies. I was also told their scientific name, but of course I can't remember what that name is. "Naked Ladies" is a much easier name to memorize.

And of course, it is a much funnier name to remember.

After all, what did you first think I was talking about when you read the title of this post??


Katie said...

Those are really lovely (they better be with a name like that)!! I always appreciate the perennials that sometimes pop up after I've totally forgotten about them.

Susan said...

Great pictures Jenn. Hey I wanted to let you know that Josh was able to help me change my URL address so instead of that long as address I had it's now much shorter. So much better but now I have had to change everything that had my old URL (or is it ULR) oh well I am still not computer smart. Have a good one and I will call you Saturday with Zachary's flight info.

Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

Mom always called them surprise lilies. I was quite surprised to find out their other name. They are pretty.

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