Sunday, July 05, 2009

Weeds and Wildflowers

The first time we were here to see the area, I fell in love with all the wildflowers that grow free and wild all along the roadways in the Ozarks, and they are still one of my top-ten favorites about this place. I found all of these today on our road, but there are tons and tons of them all over the countryside right now. Mother Nature really knows how to grow a garden!

The best part of these nature walks to take pictures of the flowers I love so much is being joined by a little girl who loves to gather and admire God's handiwork too. Bones doesn't care as much about the wildlfowers, but she does enjoy the oportunity to sneak a quick lick in here and there. The melancholy part for me is that little girls and puppies grow faster than the weeds and wildflowers do.

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Sue said...

Beautiful photos Jenn!! I have just subscribed to your blog with Google reader so I can keep up with what you are doing :)