Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Future Volunteer Firefighters

I have been knocking around an idea for a digital kit, so I called my friend Joy today, who just happens to work at our fire department. She was nice enough to let me come over after work with my camera to take some pictures of truck parts.

I brought two of my little people with me. Faith was very impressive. When I turned over a crate to stand on, a very large spider scuttled out of it and headed towards her in an aggressive manner. Silly spider, this is the girl who rode on a plane that wanted to fall out of the sky and wondered why other people screamed. She lifted up her feet that now fit my shoes and stomped it. She will make a wonderful civil service person if anybody needs critters stomped.

Kyle was, as always, completely enthralled with the trucks and machinery. He was happy to climb on the sideboard to have his picture taken. In fact, it was his idea. However, he would have been thrilled if he could have sat in the truck and imagined his future life as a firefighter. He was disappointed to realize that we don't have firemen who live in our station. Our department is a volunteer force, so they are only there when they are needed. I don't think that will quench his dream of being a cop or firefighter, though. He will just need to make sure he has a home to call his own.

Thank you, Joy, for letting me come take the pictures I needed!

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Susan said...

Hi there, pop over to my blog and pick up something from me. My new blog address is

Josh helped me change my long ass address to this much shorter one...LOL.... Anyway, as I type Zachary is packing up his bag and getting ready. He is nervous and excited. He has never flown before so he is feeling some anxiety. Call me for his info. I am not sure when you work and when is a good time to call or I would I have all his flight info for you.

It's sad when I only have 5 blogging friends huh...LOL

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