Monday, January 04, 2010

A White Christmas

We woke up on the 25th to our very first White Christmas. The kids were all very excited, but we had severe winds that made it just too cold to be outside sledding and building snowmen.

Instead, we spent a lovely relaxing morning together opening presents and eating the Pop-Tarts that Santa fills the stockings with for breakfast.

Everybody got something they really wanted this year. My big Christmas wish was for some time. I just wanted some time at home, with Jack and the kids, to do nothing but hang out together. Jack had five days off and I had four, and we enjoyed every minute of it!

Chet had the 5x5 Rubik's cube mastered in about 20 minutes. Jessica gave him the 360 cube and he was done with it about 10 hours later. I don't think they make a Rubik's cube big enough to stump him!

The GI Joe men have taken several rides on the Hot Wheels stunt track.

Of course, there were frogs.
Jessica and Brandon brought Daniel over to exchange gifts on Saturday. We were so excited to give Daniel a really noisy guitar. He loved it! We're getting him drums for his birthday.

Jack showed Daniel how to knock down his bowling ball pins. He really enjoyed that too.

It was a lovely, calm Christmas all the way around. Nobody ended up on the naughty list at all.

Except for this hooligan.

He drank Santa's eggnog.

He walked in my pan of fudge.

And he tore apart the Christmas tree so he could chase the bulbs around.

Is it any wonder he had coal in his stocking?

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Rachel@just another day in paradise said...

we want to see the frog house! : )

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