Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Kyle's Birthday

Kyle woke up to a snow-filled day on his tenth birthday. He just threw his boots and coats on over his PJ's and ran outside to start enjoying it.

After he got dressed, we gave him his birthday present; an air-powered Daisy BB gun with a scope capable of shooting BB's or pellets the length of two football fields per second.

Kyle got his new weapon loaded, and then he and Jack and Todd spent a while target shooting. He is getting ready to go on his first youth hunt next deer season, so this is good practice for him.

Later that day Jessica and Brandon came over and gave him another 4,000 BB's. The boy is fully armed now. Tin cans and old TV's everywhere should fear for their collective lives.

It came time to sing Happy Birthday, and we realized we only had 7 candles left in the baking drawer. The small inferno we had to create for Jack's cake the week before put a serious dent in my candle stockpile. So we lit the 7 candles we had, and after he blew them out too quickly for me to get any pictures, we relit them and made him do it again.

Happy birthday, Kyle. May all your wishes come true. Twice.

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