Wednesday, January 20, 2010


When Mom and Zack arrived here a couple of weeks ago, they were greeted with warm hearts and cold weather. It didn't warm back up again until the day after they left. There was snow and ice everywhere, which is perfect sledding weather.

Daniel came over to sled. "My fellow countrymen, lend me your ear!" he said, "or at least notice that there is "no" on my glove!" But his fellow countrymen were too busy sledding to hear him.

They were sledding solo.

They were being pulled in a sled,

which invariably lead to scenes like this,

followed by much laughter.

They were shoe sledding,

which often lead to fall-on-your-butt sledding.

They were even 4-wheel sledding when Crystal-married-to Nathan and Nathan-married-to-Crystal brought their 4-wheeler over.

And then Jack left to take Mom, Chet, and Tyler to Harrison in the green car and went down a backroad out of habit. Just as he realized he needed to turn back and go down the main road, the car began sliding and all Jack could do was try to steer it to a safer area as it skidded down a mountainous road. According to Mom, they went sledding in the car until a tree stopped them. Fortunately, none of them were hurt seriously, although the car was totalled.

After all that sledding, it was time to pack Mom back up in the van we borrowed and take her back to the airport to reluctantly send her home. Funny thing is, she says that from now on she only wants to come out between spring and early fall.

Considering the weather during those seasons, I think that maybe means she wants us to take her sky-diving in a tornado.

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Rachel said...

That's so awesome!! And I'm SOOO jealous. Our snow didn't exactly happen, so now I'll have to wait another decade... (sigh)