Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Snow Week

Along with the snow and arctic temperatures, we have had quite an accumulation of ice on our roads. Therefore, school was cancelled for this whole week. My poor kids have had to sleep in late everyday.

They've also had to make snowmen, endure snowball fights, and spend time sledding around the yard.

It's been rough on them, I'm sure, but somehow they are learning to roll with the punches and are getting through it.

McClacken is tough, though. As long as he has yummy hay to eat, he is willing to let the snow roll right off his back. He isn't willing to let me put a knit cap with holes for his ears to poke out of, though, no matter how much I try to cajole him with carrots and explain to him how cute I think the picture would be.

Horses can be so stubborn sometimes.


Rachel said...

LOL - silly horse!!

We're sitting here waiting for our snow to arrive any minute - I can't wait!!

Anonymous said...

What!?! Nothing about our sledding in the green car and meeting a tree head-on experience??

Love you all...


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